Careful around the paint

Last weekend, my partner plus I were feeling ambitious plus decided to repaint the residing room in our home; We had been talking about doing it for awhile but both of us always had a classic excuse with being far too tied up with labor stuff, then for some reason but, both of us finally managed to get around to it! As both of us started to paint the walls everything was going great. We were listening to songs plus making such good progress that both of us had our hopes high both of us would be finished by lunch. About an fourth into the painting project was when disaster happened, i was toiling away trying to get a fresh coat of paint on a wall when I lost my balance plus ended up knocking over a full can of paint in the process! That full can ended up falling down directly on our brand current a/c unit. When I say that the a/c unit was brand new, I mean it. We had literally just bought it less than a month ago after saving up some currency for the past few months. The paint ended up abruptly destroying the entire cooling system unit, sending flames flying while sending us into panic. We ended up having to put a rain check on the painting project plus send out a certified Heating plus Air Conditioning repair tech instead, but he ended up giving us the disappointing news that both of us were going to have to purchase a current unit plus scrap this one. It actually was looking promising for a while, but this ambitious project only ended up biting us in the rear at the end of it all.


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