My Knees are Powerful and Strong!

I’ve put a lot of miles on these knees of mine and after 55 years I am feeling grinding in them when I move them.

It makes me think the cartilage is all gone but I am going to believe in them and that they are still strong and powerful. I’m still too young to have any problems with them so we’ll let them be and check back in 20 years to see how they are doing. I am grateful to have strong and healthy knees, thank you so much for them. See what I’m doing? My HVAC tech told me about the power of positive self talk and I’ve been trying it ever since and I think there is something to it as I’ve seen a lot of maladies just disappear on their own. I’ve also seen how talking something good into your life works just as well if you really believe in what you are saying. This local business has positive talk meditations and I went a couple of times and got so much out of it. I will heal my knees just by talking about how great they are and how good they feel. I actually played quite a bit of beach volleyball last night with a local contractor and they feel pretty good today.

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