I remember when my AC device died

This is somewhat of a parody title for the song “the day the music died”. What a long song this happens to be, check it out sometime if you don’t know this classic already. I’m trying to memorize the lyrics so I can sing it out on the streets while I play drums. My guitar acquaintance can easily play the guitar as well as sing backup vocals so I suppose this could be a superb street song to get people completely going. I’m going to do some busking to try as well as cover the cost for a new mic, mic stand, as well as cable. My Heating, Ventilation and A/C company could supply me extra hours if I wanted them even though I suppose I can make this money just playing music on the streets for a duration of time. Why not have great times while you labor as well as get paid? I appreciate working on Heating, Ventilation and A/C devices, it is kind of fun occasionally, even though I entirely prefer playing music as well as singing so it is pretty tough to beat that. I am still having a blast playing the drums even though I am getting better as well as I suppose after another couple years of playing them I’ll be pretty amazing. I’ll spend my 60s as well as 70s simply playing music in air conditioned clubs as well as just have a great time with my last years. Maybe I could even play into my 80s as well as 90s, who knows? I will still labor for the local contractor for sure, even when I’m older, just to keep my mind especially sharp as well as keep me socializing with others. I suppose working some of the time is a superb thing to do for the rest of your years when you are older.



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