The Day My Air Conditioner Died

This is a bit of a parody title for the song “the day the music died”.

What a long song this is, check it out sometime if you don’t know this classic already.

I’m trying to memorize the lyrics so I can sing it out on the streets while I play drums. My guitar friend can easily play the guitar and sing backup vocals so I think this could be a good street song to get people going. I’m going to do some busking to try and pay for a new mic, mic stand, and cable. My HVAC company could give me more hours if I wanted them but I think I can make this money just playing music on the streets for a few hours. Why not have fun while you work and get paid? I like working on HVAC equipment, it is kind of fun sometimes, but I really love playing music and singing so it is tough to beat that. I am still learning the drums but I am getting better and I think after another couple years of playing them I’ll be pretty good. I’ll spend my 60s and 70s playing music in air conditioned clubs and just have a fun time with my last years. Maybe I could even play into my 80s and 90s, who knows? I will still work for the local business, even when I’m older, just to keep my mind sharp and keep me socializing with others. I think working part time is a good thing to do for the rest of your years when you are older.

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