The summers here are brutal

I can only imagine what it must be like for mail delivery people in Arizona in the Summer months, and those mail delivery trucks are all open and not entirely a wonderful way to get air conditioning in them.

Although they do have air conditioning, I think it doesn’t work well because of all the super hot weather all around them.

And then having to get out of the truck and deal with the heat when they give to a neighborhood where it requires them to go to individual mail boxes. I could never do a job like this because I am a person who needs their central air conditioner when the weather is super hot outside. Others I think are bad are those who have to do construction work in Arizona. I think that they do it at the crack of dawn in the Summer time months of the year! But even then it is at least 90 degrees out. It’s horrible. I would not be able to do it unless it was indoor construction where there was a constant air conditioner! Like doing an home indoor renovation or something like that. Then I would be ok with it because of the central air conditioner. But all this outdoors stuff in one hundred and degrees is insane! But naturally these are all things that are needed in this world, so it has to be done and someone has to do it. I am just happy that it isn’t me and that I have wonderful air conditioner wherever I am at that time of the year.


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