The Elevator is Broken and The Stairs Do Not Have Air Conditioning

Have you ever worked in an office that is not on the first floor? I currently work in an office building, and our office is on the fourth floor, then this is the first time I have ever worked above the first floor, and at first I liked it, however for the past numerous weeks, it has been a substantial pain in the neck! You see, the elevator is out of order! That means I have to walk up and down numerous flights of stairs each day, which is bad enough, however but to make matters even worse, the stairs are on the outside of the building. That’s right – no a/c while I’m trudging up numerous flights of stairs every day! The building manager has plugged in a small fan at the top of 1 set of stairs, however does she truly think that a fan can upgrade a/c? I think it is ridiculous, however i even got our hairsplit truly short because I was sick of being so sweaty when I get in the office, and walking up the stairs at 9am in November without a/c means sweaty neck and head with all that hair. I believe a little better, however having short hair is also no upgradement for enjoyable a/c and an elevator that works. I am considering taking at least 1 day per month and laboring from new home so I don’t have to deal with the elevator and the lack of a/c. In addition, the office is not a consistent control unit setting, however every one of us set all the control units to the same temperature – 71 – because our boss is hot-natured and his office is always hotter than our office. That means the a/c has myself and others chilly at 71, however his a/c is not truly helping him stay cool because his control unit is set on 71 however the temperature is 71. I personally wish all of us had not moved and gotten office space in this silly building.

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