The outlaw HVAC tech

I never thought about doing a podcast before I met Abe. Abe is probably the most interesting guy I have ever met. We get together once or twice a week for drinks and to smoke some pot. All we do is hang out and talk about things. Abe has a million stories from his 40 years on the job. That is where I got the idea to do a podcast. I thought that if I just set up a mic and recorded these conversations, people would be as entertained as I was. Now you might think that an A/C repair tech wouldn’t have a lot of great stories, but Abe will prove you wrong. The most interesting thing to me is how Abe used to work as an “outlaw” HVAC tech. That doesn’t mean he robbed people or anything, it meant that he wasn’t affiliated with any of the local HVAC contractors. He worked out of his van, and only took cash for payment, but he would undercut all of the other HVAC contractors and steal jobs out from under them. He did that for a few years, and I was shocked at how much trouble the other HVAC contractors gave him. He said that his work van was vandalized several times, and there were even threats of violence. Who knew the HVAC industry was so vicious? Abe said that he always carried a handgun in his toolkit, just in case he ran into any trouble from the HVAC community, who had it out for him. Abe is such a character!



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