The HVAC noise caused me to call for help

I had to go out of town for a couple of mornings! While I was in the city, I stayed at a truly nice hotel, but the hotel was paid for by the symphony orchestra that hired myself and others to play for the next 2 weeks.

The first chair pianist got the flu plus was in the hospital.

Things were pretty bad, so they contacted me and others to fill in. The symphony orchestra paid for a high-priced hotel, however I still encountered a couple of problems while I was there. One of the major complications was where’s the air conditioning system. The wall heating plus A/C component looks almost as if it was as old as the hotel. It was toiling just good when I got to the room, but it stopped toiling well on the third afternoon I was staying in the hotel. The heating plus A/C component started to make a truly weird whistling sound! At first the air was still cold, so I did not really bother with the machine. After I came back from our third performance, the room was sizzling plus the air was stagnant. The whistling sound was gone, but there wasn’t any cool air coming out of the machine. I contacted the front desk. The lady in charge of the hotel was delighted to transfer myself and others to an odd room. She had something on the same floor, so I did not need to transfer our things truly far. She also sent a bellhop to help myself and others to the room plus to make sure that the wall heating plus A/C component in that room was functioning consistently.



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