The pipe burst in the garage and water got everywhere

The water heating system and the furnace are both in the garage, however they kneel next to each other on the floor near the west side of the room; a few years ago, our fiance and I replaced the furnace with an energy efficient gas furnace, but every one of us spent a substantial amount of money on the purchase… However, the furnace came with a more than two year warranty on all parts and labor, and a 5 year warranty on the motor itself.

The furnace worked undoubtedly well and all of us were cheerful with the purchase… Unluckily, all of us had some problems with the furnace after a major flood occurred, and my fiance and I went out of the neighborhood for the weekend in January.

Temperatures were supposed to be in the 40s, so all of us did not bother leaving the heat running while all of us were gone. Every one of us thought all of us would save some money by turning off the heat with no a single one in the house. Temperatures made it all the way down to the chilly mark and some pipes in our cabin froze up and then first. There was major flooding in the basement where the water heating system and the furnace are located, but when our fiance and I came to the cabin and saw the mess, all of us immediately turned off the furnace and called an HVAC corporation. There was a lot of damage in the area and all of us did not want to take any opportunities with the furnace. There are a lot of electrical components inside of the furnace and all of us did not want to cause any additional damage to the machine. Every one of us shut things down and waited for help.

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