Peak Heat Requires Heating, Ventilation plus A/C Energy Saving Strategies

Deep into the mid Summer heat is not my number one spot.

In fact, the heat seems to factor into just about everything I want to do. Of course, there is no surviving the peak heat of Summer without some nice Heating, Ventilation plus A/C cooling. It just can’t be done, at least not in this region. I remember visiting my Grandparents when I was a little kid. All they had was an evaporative cooler. Many people call it a swamp cooler. This type of cooling method uses much less energy as well as is favored much the world over in spots that have constant heat. I remember that I was actually sort of cool during those visits. You really didn’t transport entirely fast or cook inside at all. But the swamp cooler did take the inside temperature down a bit. However, the effect of the swamp cooler was magnified by all the fans that my Grandma would put around the house. It was this thought that got myself and others to thinking of how I could reduce the energy load from the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C during these peak Summer weeks. I’m going to wait until it cools off before I attempt any big project appreciate a smart thermostat as well as automatic curtains. So, I decided I would just bump the thermostat a bit higher as well as let the inside temps climb a bit past my usual comfort zone. Then, I brought out some fans. I was so pleasantly surprised by the fact that the fans actually did trick my skin into thicking the air temps were cooler than they were. Simple strategy is going to pay off in energy savings.