south can get cold

I prefer the decreasing seasons in the section where I live; No, it’s not that the colors are beautiful or the seasons are really diverse; In fact, I just prefer it because I need a cut from the Heat; Living in the Deep South, the people I was with and I get a lot of heat plus sun shine all summer time long, then that sounds appreciate a good thing however when you are on month 7, it gets pretty old. I’m ready for a cut from the heat plus humidity. The funny thing is, whenever the temperature finally breaks around here, people start complaining so hard. They spend the entire summer time bitching about the heat plus humidity, praying for a/c, plus cursing the gods that bring them such intense sunshine. Then the air finally shifts, it gets a bit cooler, plus pretty much everyone loses their mind again; Suddenly it’s way too freezing plus they refused to go outside for that reason. I do not understand what they are talking about. To myself and others at the cooler hot plus cold temperatures assume truly amazing… Maybe I have that opinion because I grew up in the northern section of the country. To me, a 50 degree day still feels a bit appreciate summer! Growing up in the north plus experiencing a real Wintertide prepares you for any temperature drop in the South. It never gets below 30 degrees here, plus pretty much everyone thinks that’s miserably cold. I know that feels A-okay, myself. Nobody seems to understand what -20 degrees plus snowfall feels like. Maybe if they experienced 1 midwest Wintertide they would reconsider how awful it is to live in the heat plus freezing of the South.


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