Consulting an online personal trainer

The lockdown was hard on everyone, but some of us managed to make it work in our favor.

I suppose it makes a difference that I always liked hanging out at home.

When the lockdown started, it was almost 2 months before I actually missed going anywhere. Staying inside is my comfort zone. One would think that being trapped in my comfort zone for so long would lead to increased laziness and weight gain, but I have to say the opposite is true. The COVID lockdown gave me the focus I needed to start doing daily exercise workouts, and put me on the road to fitness. I paid for a one hour session with the personal trainer, who asked me a series of questions and then emailed me a customized workout plan for my goals. I have not used that personal trainer a second time, because really I just needed her expert guidance and wisdom to push me in the right direction. Following her workout programs and nutritional plan, I was able to focus on exercising every day. I do a little weight lifting, a little yoga, and a wide array of low impact exercises to build my core and help my cardio. I don’t need to risk anything high impact, so this workout program is perfect for someone my size and speed. I have decided that once I hit my first goal, by losing 25 pounds, then I will contact the personal trainer again to see if there is anything new I should try. Until then, I will stay the course.
Yoga classes