Yoga was my gateway to health

Two years ago, before all this COVID business started, I weighed over 300 pounds. Since then I have managed to lose almost 100 pounds. I am not trying to brag about it, though, I am just so stoked with how I look and how I feel that I wanted to share this news with everyone. I thought that being trapped inside for months on end would cause me to gain weight, but with willpower I got the needle to move in the other direction. More than any plan, or diet, or routine, what matters most is that you want it! I started with some online yoga classes, to ease my body into a better condition. Hitting it too hard right off the bat is something any personal trainer will warn you against, gradual change is best for your health. After a few weeks of yoga, slowly increasing my level of difficulty, I felt I was ready for something with more impact. I did some light weight lifting, as well as crunches, situps, up-downs, and any other exercise I could do in my spare room. Through it all, I kept doing yoga, because I liked the way it helped my flexibility and seemed to make the other workouts easier. I tried out a few online workout classes, but none of them really jibed with my existing regimen. Cross fit never seemed like it was for me, anyway! No matter what my workout plans entailed, the yoga stayed a baseline through it all, so I would recommend that as a great starting place for exercise.


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