I like it when the gym gets back to normal

Every January, there is an influx of new members at the gym.

The gym always offers amazing discounts on the membership fees.

The put on a big promotion to encourage people to sign up. I understand that the membership fees are how the business survives. I just hate how crowded the place gets. No matter what time of day or night I visit, I need to wait to use my favorite pieces of equipment. I get aggravated when there’s some girl walking on the treadmill while talking on her phone. She’s not at the gym to seriously workout and get in shape. She wants to tell her friends that she’s at the gym. During the first few months of the year, I struggle to find a parking spot and empty locker for my clothes. There’s not enough shower stalls or towels. The new members fail to wipe down the workout equipment when they are done with it. I always look forward to April. By then, 99% of the new members have quit. The gym gets back to normal. I see the same people there everyday and I have access to all of the machines and equipment. I don’t understand how people can pay for a year’s membership and stop utilizing it after a couple of months, but I’m happy they’re gone. I’ve been attending the same gym, at least four times per week, for over ten years. I have made my workouts part of my regular routine. I get the most out of the cost of my membership by taking advantage of all of the amenities as often as possible.

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