I wasn’t sure how long the furnace installation would take

When my oil furnace died, I realized it was an exhausting time to need to take time off work, however I didn’t have a choice.

Somebody had to be at the household when the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C device worker arrived to install the brand new oil furnace.

I had to call my contractor office and tell them I was taking numerous days off. My boss was entirely furious and reminded me that Christmas was only a few short weeks away and I was needed since I was head of the maintenance department. I made an attempt to explain that I had to have heating in my household, and I had nobody else to be there when they were installing the system of ductwork and oil furnace. I had to be at the household since I didn’t know any of these Heating, Ventilation, and A/C professionals. Her next question was to ask exactly how long this oil furnace replacement was going to take. I had no clue how much time it took to have an oil furnace installed, not to mention the current ductwork. She told me to find out and let her know within an hour. I was sure that if it was a minute longer than she thought it should be, I would be looking for a brand new task, and forfeiting all my saved getaway time and Christmas bonus. I attempted pinning the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C contractor down to some kind of time frame, however they could not help very much. When my boss called back, I told her I had no answer. I could hear her disappointment, however then she easily surprised me. She said to come in and get my bonus and she would pay me for my getaway time, even if I didn’t take it. She knew I needed to have an oil furnace during the winter months.


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