The home by the store

I live in the most amazing house, and I got it for such a low price you would never think it, but my friends still don’t think I got such a sizable home for such a steal, but it’s true, and this locale had been on the market for over numerous years, and the price just kept dropping, but i was so suspicious of the price I had every inspector known to society come out and look around the structure and the grounds.

There was some minor work to be done, sure, but nothing major aside from being next to a graveyard. I was more worried about the air conditioner system, and what sort of problem I may have with the ventilation, then I was about overlooking a cemetery. Apparently this was the sizable thing that kept the home from selling, not the AC problem, but just having an seasoned boneyard for a next door neighbor. I could care less about the graves, because it seemed that a lot of our air duct was even older than the graves… Funny story, the first Heating and A/C tech who came out to work on it was genuinely religious, and had to leave because she said she had family buried next door. The next ventilation specialist I had out was not so jumpy, and did tests on our air circulation, before making a few genuinely high-priced suggestions on how I could improve it. I have to put a pin in that for a while, for now I just need to make sure I have sufficient cooling for the whole house.


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