Ductless heat pump provides lots of benefits

I recently installed a ductless mini split into my kitchen to improve comfort.

I am really impressed with this system. It consists of an outdoor compressor that links by way of a conduit to an indoor air handler mounted up high on the wall. The equipment is super compact and requires only a three-inch hole in an exterior wall and access to electricity for installation. The HVAC contractor I hired managed to have the system up and running in a single afternoon. There was no damage to my home, no mess and no need for any renovations. The air handler is streamlined and modern-looking with a mirrored-black surface. It provides both heating and cooling capacity. I have a cordless remote that allows me to direct airflow to a specific area of the room, adjust temperature, change fan speed and take advantage of a power boost to quickly achieve comfort. The system operates so quietly that I never notice it’s running. I am amazed by the power of this miniature heat pump. During the heating and humidity of the middle of summer, it keeps my kitchen perfectly cool. It has no problem providing a warm and cozy kitchen during the most extreme cold of winter. The ductless system includes something called inverter technology. This innovation allows the ductless system to supply only the amount of heating or cooling required at any one time. It automatically adjusts its speed to maintain ideal temperature. Because of this, the ductless unit maintains consistent comfort but is wonderfully energy efficient. I am totally happy with the many benefits of the ductless heat pump.


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