I did my own heating system installation

Being a single gal in her 30s with no kids or pets means I have a lot of time on my hands.

I also work from home.

Any chance I get I do home repairs. Someday I will have a man and children in myplace. I might as well make it as good as I can get it. I have painted all the rooms, changed the lights, outlets and switch plates. Recently I went through my whole house and ripped up the carpets. I then tiled all my floors. Before adding the grey tile, I put down electric heated amts. I was a little afraid of this project. I didn’t know if I had the skills to do the heating installation on my own. I did some googling and the heated flooring installation seemed quite easy. I liked the specs on heated floors. They are a silent heating system. Since it is heated by electric rather than air, no heat rises to the ceiling to get wasted or creates cold spots. The electric heat also absorbs into objects sitting on the floor like the couch, chairs and tables. They feel heated by comparison. Also, heated flooring requires very little maintenance and can live almost 15 years. I decided to go for it and I am pleasantly surprised. The heating system was easy to buy, I just went to the local hardware store. After watching a few videos, I felt confident in setting up my mats and tiling over them. I have tested over and over and I think I did it. I think I installed my own heating system and tile floors. I feel so cool and accomplished!



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