I am the HVAC guy on the crew

My brothers and I are in the real estate game.

We like buying crap properties, fixing them up and then renting them out.

It is a really good way to expand your wealth and bond us as a family. Each of us has our own skill. My oldest brother is an electrician. He can add new outlets, move current ones and change the guts on an outlet in very little time. He has installed bathroom ventilation and put up new lights a hundred times. My younger brother is the plumber. He can reset a toilet in under an hour. Even if the flange is rusted and a mess, he can do it. He also has installed sinks, drains and moved shower controls. My niche is HVAC. I have bought special tools that allow me to blow air, dirt and dust out of the ductwork. I also have removed ductwork from a home. I prefer to just close off the ductwork and install a mini split system. I have the drill and the knowledge to do ductless HVAC installation on my own. I can even make it a multi split system if I need to. Putting in an air purifier or thermostat is child’s play. My brothers joke that I missed my calling. They said if the rental game ever dried up or if we went bankrupt, I should go to school and be a HVAC technician. I could pass the NATE certification exam without any trouble. I actually wouldn’t mind working in heating and cooling. I am very proficient with most systems.

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