Fall is finally here

Fall is here and I couldn’t be more excited.

This summer has been long and hot.

The heat began as early as April and it climbed into the 90s just about everyday. My fiance and I both complained about how awful it was to be outside. The two of us like doing lawn work, mowing the lawn and drinking beer in front of a fire. In the summer that just isn’t possible. Even in the shade it is rough. The two of us spent months inside the house with the AC blasting. Instead of the lawn, we focused on the house. The rooms were repainted, tiled and new lights were added. I added new furniture rather than flower beds. Instead of beer by the fire, the two of us marathoned some tv series with the AC blasting. It wasn’t the same, but the cooling system was necessary. Fall is now here and the AC can finally take a break. I already had a HVAC contractor over to clean the AC and get the heater ready for when the cold comes. Right now the two of us are just enjoying no air blowing on us. We actually can be outside and just enjoy the cool breeze. It is nice being able to rake and not sweat to death. I don’t need sunscreen, a hat or to heavily hydrate due to the heat. I can actually have an enjoyable time and even go for a run if I want to. Fall is really the best season. I can get pumpkins, squash, good hand soaps and have the best weather.


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