I learned alot about HVAC after I moved to my new beach house.

I was shocked at myself that I was about to buy a beach house.

My friends thought it was impractical since I still worked in the city which wasn’t ideal to travel everyday from the beach. But, I had a plan and I was about to put it into action. When the pandemic hit, I was staying with a neighbor who lived by the beach. He was so content since he worked remotely and he didn’t have to leave work when quarantined. On the other hand, I had to accept a half salary and wasn’t sure my position would remain through the long waiting period. But, I saw the beauty of residing in that area and I even started doing some freelance jobs to get by during the pandemic! After some time, I got a client who wanted to hire me permanently as a remote worker for a popular international blog! So, I put together some of the money I had and submitted an offer on a home near the beach I’d spent my quarantine. Surprisingly, my offer was accepted after that I turned in my resignation at work, and that was that. The home was so lovely, and it was Spring, so I had to get an AC plan in it before the extreme Summer season. I went to see an AC supplier that was local to where I was now living to talk about a modern AC system. However, he advised me to first find an HVAC expert to go and measure the size of the unit I needed. Up until then, I always thought that HVAC systems were one size fits all no matter the size of the home. But, that wasn’t the case. I was very wrong. Getting the wrong Heating and A/C size could affect my house air conditioning. The AC supplier was right, and the HVAC expert that I hired was a massive help.


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