The HVAC emergency repair service replaced the thermostat

Uncle Raymond always made us laugh.

He was such a happy soul! Most school holidays, Dad would ask us if we wanted to stay home or go with our uncle.

My sisters and I chose to spend time with Uncle Raymond. He’d quit working a while back and now builds home furniture from his backyard out in the countryside. Uncle Raymond had a 10-acre farm set against the most beautiful location I’ve ever seen. Last summer, we had the choice of going to summer time camp or to the farm. My sisters went camping, and I went to the farm because Uncle Raymond taught us more about furniture making. Also, he paid us for all the work we did. That money to a thirteen-year-old was a lot. Dad drove myself and others there then left early the next morning because of work. Our first day of work was good, however the next morning, we woke up to a chilly house, and that was strange because Uncle Raymond had set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature before we went to bed the night before. He went to check the thermostat and tried to change the settings! But, nothing changed. It seemed there was a miscommunication between the cooling system and the thermostat! We lived not far from a town where there was an expert AC mechanic. Uncle Raymond called him to book an emergency repair since he had a repair agreement with her business. The cooling system mechanic came over as fast as she could and noticed the thermostat was faulty. It was a smart thermostat whose software hadn’t been updated in some time, causing the miscommunication.
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