I wanted to know why my air conditioner was making a shrieking noise

The HVAC expert came by after twenty minutes to inspect the system.

The trip to the lake had been a spur-of-the-moment thing. We were seated in a coffee shop with my friend some few weeks ago, catching up. We hadn’t seen each other in some time due to crazy work schedules. It was time to catch up like we always do after some time. We spoke about work and our families before she mentioned she needed a break. She felt so tired and wanted to get away for some time. A client had offered me his cabin by the lake to use any time I wanted, so we went for the weekend. It was the best time ever because all we did was eat, sleep and swim. Little did I know the craziness waiting for me when I got back home. I lived alone and had set the HVAC system on low when we left. It was summer, and I didn’t want the house to get too hot. But, when I opened my door, I heard my AC system shrieking, which was not something I expected. I got inside in a hurry and went to shut it off. Thankfully, it was about two in the afternoon, so the AC business was still open. I gave them a call and even accepted to pay extra for emergency AC repair since the sound had freaked me out. The HVAC expert came by after twenty minutes to inspect the system. The issue was a faulty blower fan. He had to remove it and install a new one to restore proper HVAC functions. I was so happy and relieved the shrieking noise was gone when he switched the aircon system back on.