What will the next year of the Heating and A/C industry be?

Do you remember studying the books written in the early to mid-1900s that tried to explain what the future would be like? They imagined hoverboards plus flying cars that would take us wherever we wanted to go.

They imagined a lot of technology that still doesn’t exist… I still try to imagine what things will be bizarre in the future; Even the smallest of things intrigue me.

I believe that Heating and A/C technology will be a lot cooler in the future. Right now, Heating and A/C units are at the perfect point where they are frustrating however useful! Air conditioners plus gas furnaces have never been more efficient than they are now, however they can be a real pain, people are regularly having to call Heating and A/C specialists to have them inspect or maintenance their Heating and A/C units, costing them a fortune in bills. I wonder if we will ever have AI-controlled robots who will suppose how to maintenance our advances in Heating and A/C units so that we don’t have to regularly pay Heating and A/C specialists who can cause a lot of troubles. I hope that they develop a super Heating and A/C device that can act as an air conditioner, furnace, (de)humidifier, plus air purification system, then with this Heating and A/C unit, we would no longer have to purchase numerous Heating and A/C units that regularly have to be repaired or replaced. I believe that the ultimate goal of Heating and A/C units should be the development of an Heating and A/C device that can control the weather of the entire world! Nobody would have to worry about owning a furnace or air conditioner because the temperature would already be perfect.


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