The daycare where my son goes needed some help

Both of my kids attend the same day care.

The day care has been around since I was a little girl and I went there every day after school when I was in elementary school.

I was excited the place was still open. It’s a little expensive to send the kids to the school, but my husband and I own our business and we do very well. We have a repair company that services residential and commercial heating and AC needs. My husband is one of the highest rated companies for heating and AC repair services in the county. When the daycare contacted me last Thursday, I thought there was an issue with my check. The daycare director asked me to stop in his office before I picked up the kids that afternoon. I didn’t know what we would discuss, but I had a few ideas. The kids have been coming home from school looking flushed and hot. They said it is very hot and humid inside of the daycare. I assumed the director was going to ask us to help with the heating and AC system. When I arrived to pick up the kids, I stopped to see the director first. He was delighted to see me and we went to his office for a chat. Sure enough, he immediately mentioned the indoor air quality and the lack of funds to fix the problem. Then he offered to make a trade with my husband and I. He was willing to trade tuition for help with the heating and air conditioning problem.

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