Extended rental for my brother’s medical procedures

My brother got hit while he was driving his motorcycle, then he was flung off his bike and totally went head over heels.

He mainly damaged his leg, but the rest of him wasn’t exactly in great shape… An extended stay in the hospital was required.

Afterwards my brother needed rehabilitation therapy and many surgeries on his leg, sadly our area didn’t have anything along the lines of what my brother needed; The city, which is over an hour away, absolutely had much better options. There are tons of nurse’s offices and rehab centers located there, however my brother didn’t want to force someone to make the drive for him and didn’t want to be stuck in a car, but obviously he is a little scared after being hit; I work totally online based and didn’t have a concern moving. My brother and I lucked out with an extended stay rental right in the city. The more than one of us were basically next door to his rehab center. The nurse’s that would perform the surgeries on his leg were only around a several hour drive. The location was perfect and the extended stay rental was what the two of us needed. It was a fully furnished cabin so all I needed was to pack a bag. My brother and I had a nice home office, fantastic sized lavatory and each had our own kitchen. There was even a TV that the more than one of us streamed unusual Netflix shows out of. It was a stressful time for my brother and I but that rental made it much easier.


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