The importance of having a quality air conditioner in a chemical factory

They would embed a smart HVAC to improve its efficiency

My father works as an industrial chemist. His work is to basically mix chemicals to make different agents such as fertilizers for farmlands, medicine, or aerosols. These chemicals are extremely dangerous especially when inhaled. He works on a contract basis and the last company that he worked for, had a ductless mini split unit but had neglected it. As he mixed the chemicals he could feel the chemicals settle on the surfaces of the lab even though he had on gloves and a mask. The management had not performed even a single HVAC service plan since it was installed a couple of years ago. My father, being experienced, made a proposal to the managers to have the heating and cooling equipment assessed by an a/c rep so that it worked on optimal levels. cooling experts from the home comfort business came to the lab the following day and were horrified by the condition of the commercial air conditioning system. The quality air conditioner filter was filthy with all sorts of pollutants including very harmful chemical residue that everyone at the plant was inhaling in. No wonder there had been a number of cases where employees had contracted respiratory diseases. Other components of the unit were worn out from years of neglect. The technicians recommended replacing the unit with a quality HVAC system, a hybrid HVAC system. They would embed a smart HVAC to improve its efficiency. All the needed components like the programmable thermostat were supplied by the local cooling and heating company. The management of the chemical plant was very grateful to dad for illustrating the importance of having an air conditioning business assess a unit often.



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