What you need to know about high capacity heaters

High-capacity heaters are specially built and designed to function reliably while unattended for lengthy periods, even under the most arduous climatic conditions.

They are great for applications where substantial amounts of clean, dry fume-free heat are required.

These applications may include oil and gas industries, building and construction sites, manufacturing and industrial processes, specialist flooring and painting, civil engineering projects, distribution and logistics, warehousing and storage, marquees and events, and shipbuilders. High capacity heaters are ideal for spaces with limited ventilation or spaces where delicate combustible materials are being stored since they distribute large amounts of clean, fume-free heat economically and safely. They are typically utilized in oil and gas industries to help keep storage tanks dry and warm during recoating processes. The same uses also exist in marine industries, ranging from protecting nuclear submarines while they are in dry docks to providing ideal environments for boatyards during the construction of luxury yachts. In the event industry, high capacity heaters are typically used to heat large marquees and temporary structures to keep guests warm without fumes, smells, or noise. In the construction industry, high-capacity heaters are often used to provide clean, dry air to aid frost and protection while accelerating the drying process. High-capacity heaters are also designed to control the cost of heating. These HVAC systems provide fuel efficiency and are environmentally friendly despite their powerful and robust features. These units can operate with long lengths of ducting and may be controlled automatically by using a remote thermostat.



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