Ductless HVAC Technology is the Best

Change happens and I’m not great with change. I like what I like and I don’t care for it to be different at all. However, that is about as realistic as my children learing to use a stick shift. So, I do the best I can to roll with the punches, adjust and keep moving. Seems like that is the only way to live or the bitterness starts to seep in. My house is a great example. After all our kids left the nest, my wife and I downsized to a much smaller home. It took some getting used to as we had to part with a lot of stuff. Yet, most of it was stuff we didn’t really use anyway. I like the house. It’s one floor with a completely open floor plan. It is indeed small with the square footage barely over a thousand. But, for me and my wife, it is just fine. However, the HVAC system is junk. We knew this when we bought the place but thought we could get a few years out of the heating and cooling unit prior to replacing it. Well, that was a gross overreach on our part. The summers here are sizzling. This HVAC unit simply can not keep up at all. It became time to pull the trigger on a replacement. We had the HVAC contractor out to talk about putting in another central air unit. However, he suggested we give a different type of HVAC technology some consideration. The HVAC guy suggest we install a mini split system. Our old ductwork was not up to snuff and would have to be replaced along with our HVAC unit. This was a significant cost I had not thought about. The mini split is ductless. It was a no brainer, mini split HVAC it is!