HVAC Ventilation in My Home Had Me Stumped

I like a mystery as much as the next guy.

But, when it comes to my home, I prefer getting straightforward answers.

If the ice maker on the fridge isn’t working, there is no mystery. The fridge guy comes out, replaces something and we have ice in our glasses again. Same thing with my car. If there is something going on that I don’t understand, I simply take it to the shop. Now, I may not like the answer or how much it costs to fix. But there is no mystery. The HVAC ventilation in my home is a completely different set of circumstances however. Certain rooms stay too warm while other rooms are just too cold. There never seems any rhyme or reason to it. The warm rooms are not always the warm and the cold rooms are not always cold. In other words, the problem did not lay in certain areas of the house with any consistency. I kind of figured it would solve itself. It’s not like we couldn’t simply adjust the thermostat. However, as the years passed I became more puzzled at the root cause of the problem. I had never bothered to ask any of the HVAC techs that came to the house to do the seasonal maintenance. It seemed like a waste of time given the HVAC vents in my house are where they are. Many of the vent placements don’t make a great deal of sense to me. However, the folks that owned the house before us renovated the home adding more rooms and walls. I figured that was the problem. Maybe the next time the heating and cooling guy is here I’ll ask for a diagnosis.

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