Pay Attention to HVAC Condenser During Wintertime

Up north, the main HVAC focus is on the heating method.

  • And with very good reason.

The winters are normally long, cold and white. Snowfall where I live is often measured in feet. So, every homeowner wants to be certain they are good to go during the winter. My method of heating is an HVAC furnace. It is only 3 years old and worth every penny I paid for it. The state of the art efficiency has saved me a significant amount on my utility bill. But more importantly, this furnace is built for rugged winters and built to last. Of course, from the very beginning, I have had a maintenance program for the new furnace. We had regular maintenance on our last furnace which resulted in the furnace never breaking down and the thing lasted decades before we upgraded. While the focus is on the heating of our homes here, there are other HVAC components which should not be ignored. The summers have been getting hotter so we have been very happy to have the cooling side to our HVAC system. We have the HVAC man out in the spring to have a look at the a/c and properly tune it up. But, the rest of the year it is up to me. Often, people forget that a key element of their a/c system sits outside throughout our long, tough winter. However, I am a bit more proactive. I actually cover my HVAC condenser unit with a hard plastic cover during the winter time. This way the condenser does not have Ice and snow laying on the fan and motor all winter. You want that a/c to be in top form when it gets warm!
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