Teaching my nephews about winter life

My sister lives in the South with her family and she loves it down there.

Her least favorite season is winter and there is a very mild by I wanted to give my two great-nephews the opportunity to learn about winter sports.

As she is the one raising them I asked her if they could possibly come up for a visit during their winter break and she was hesitant at first. They have never really seen snow and she was concerned that they would be miserable way up in the north where we live. I wanted the opportunity for my husband to take them ice fishing and to take them tubing at a local ski resort. I assured her that we would make sure that they were dressed appropriately and that they would be warm when we were out. Besides, everywhere that we go there are either lodges or fireplaces to help combat the cold and it is nice to experience nature when everything is frozen. She finally agreed and my husband made arrangements for the boys and himself to go ice fishing overnight where they could rent a cabin on the ice. I couldn’t believe how excited the boys were when they came home from that trip because they thought it was the coolest thing to sleep out I in the middle of a lake and cut a hole in the ice to go fishing. My sister asked them if they were warm it up and they said that it was actually hot inside the cabin with the heater going. They had a great time during their visit and now they want to come back again next winter. She doesn’t understand it at all but she said as long as they’re happy that’s all she cares about.



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