My roommate loves to keep the apartment really warm

I turned the thermostat back down, and I hope she understands

I love college life, but I am so ready to be done. I am a senior, and I will be graduating this fall. It has been a hard semester, but I know it will be worth it in the end. My first three years of college, I lived in the dorms. It was my least favorite part about being in college. I never got any privacy, and my roommates liked to stay up really late into the night. I felt like I never got enough rest. I told myself that I would deal with it until my senior year. This year, I got an apartment with two good friends of mine. We all have our own bedroom, and it is so nice. I can finally study and sleep without getting interrupted all of the time. My new roommates and I get along quite well. The only disagreements we have had so far are over the temperature of the apartment. I have one roommate that prefers the apartment to be around eighty degrees year round. She does not even realize how warm she keeps the house. Whenever she feels a little chilly, she just goes and turns the thermostat up. She is so sweet, and it is hard to tell her to stop messing with the thermostat. I have tried to hint to her about it, but she never gets my hints. Just yesterday, I came home to an eighty degree house, and it was almost seventy degrees outside. It was quite miserably warm in the apartment. I turned the thermostat back down, and I hope she understands. I think I will buy her a space heater for her birthday coming up in a couple of weeks.



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