The A/C in the south is not an option

I am a northerner through as well as through.

I play ice hockey, ski as well as work outdoors all year long.

The chilly hardly bothers me anymore. I have all thermal gear as well as the best currency can buy, then living in the chilly is the norm. I do way better in snow as well as chilly temperatures than the heat. My wifey was from the south though, and she begged as well as begged to have me meet the family. The two of us ended up taking a trip to the south for a month to meet them all. I should have left in the Winter season to meet them all. I went in the summer time as well as it was the worst trip of our life. It was so uncomfortably tepid in the south that I could not kneel it. Thankfully there was A/C in every restaurant, bar as well as house that I was in; But, cooling systems are not care about the northern cold. It is fake chilly that almost felt wet like. The humidity in the air quality was entirely what did me in. It felt care about I was trekking through the jungle at all times. It was around 90 degrees as well as so wet. Why don’t they have a dehumidifier with the AC? How do they handle being so tepid all the time? I asked about their Winter temperatures as well as they were not even cold, then people acting care about 50 degree days were care about -20 degree days. I suppose there is no way I could ever live in the south. I care about the chilly as well as maybe turning on our furnace at night in the north.


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