We're hoping for maximum comfort

I have been slowly updating my living room.

I want to make sure my living room offers the maximum amount of comfort.

I have not been sleeping good plus I totally got all new stuff to help me. I bought a newer plus larger mattress. I got bamboo sheets plus new pillows. I even got a new rug plus painted my room a more subdued color. I also sprung for a ductless mini cut unit, then rather than rely on the whole beach home central HVAC, I have my own living room HVAC. I closed off the air duct to the beach home so that only my room is affected by the mini split. I used to set the HVAC for the home plus figured I would make due at night. If I was a littleboilingor cold, I would just have to deal since I was not paying a higher energy bill. With this new HVAC, I can have as much heating in Winter plus A/C in Summer for hardly any cost. I only run it for 8 hours at night plus it only needs to handle 1 space. I even have a smart control equipment for that device. Having total weather conditions control is a game changer. I never realized how often the temperature must have woken me up. A few weeks ago I was waking up every 3 hours, now I can sleep through the night. I think this is because I am never perspiring or shivering. I can even control the fan speed, humidity levels plus when the HVAC powers on with my control unit.

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