I can’t wait to see heat pump updates

The heat pump has just absolutely fascinated me lately.

Maybe this is because I was raised in an old house with a wood stove for heat.

There was no central air HVAC system. When it got hot, you slowed down and got underneath the fan. I simply had no idea that everyone else didn’t live this way. There were few folks where I came from who had any kind of modern HVAC. Everyone pretty much lived the way we did. It was a rude awakening when I first went away to college. After I graduated, the first job I was offered was in the sunny climes of the South. I jumped at the chance because I am an outdoors sort of person. I found out real quick that a wood stove wasn’t going to be necessary. I had landed in the kingdom of the heat pump . I was a it unsure of the heat pump at first. I couldn’t quite understand how one machine could cool my home and then heat it during the mild winter. During an HVAC maintenance appointment, I asked the HVAC tech just how the heat pump actually worked. I was startled to discover that all the heat pump does for heat is reverse the flow of the refrigerant. This way the heat pump actually is able to extract heat energy from to outside air. If it gets really cold there is an electric panel that fires up to provide a supplemental heat source. I just found out that the latest heat pumps can actually heat your hot tub. And do it far more efficiently than the hot tub can. That machine really does amaze me.


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