The HOA and a dumb situation

There is just so much going on all the time. At times, I just feel completely overwhelmed because there is just so much to consider. But, I tend not to just flip out on people over dumb stuff. I’m more of a relax in the HVAC air conditioning and let it go type of guy. But still, I see this behavior all the time. It’s as though our society is just ready to punch someone at every turn. A colleague went nuclear of a waiter who was attempting to clear our plates. The server was reduced to near tears because my colleague berated her over touching a plate that was not completely finished. I ended up having to reign that co-worker in to where she could get a grip on herself. It was ugly. That colleague then attempted to justify her actions. I finally had to shut that down too. I am dealing with another complete overreaction in my own home. The compliance arm of our HOA has decided I need to be punished for the HVAC unit being visible from the street. The hedge got cut too short on accident. I told them about the situation after they sent me an official compliance letter. They, of course, are not in the business of waiting months for nature to solve the dilemma. What makes it worse is some guy from the HOA had the stones to show up at my office. This self important twit comes to my place of work, without an appointment, demanding to see me. I cut a phone call short to make time. This guy was so repugnant and demeaning that our conversation lasted all of a minute before I threw him out and contacted our lawyer.


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