Uncomfortable HVAC

I almost clocked a guy today. This is so incredibly out of character for me. That was maybe to third physical confrontation of my entire life. I got into it with a high school bully a few times as I recall. So, then encounter today blew my mind. I couldn’t believe I was ready to deck someone. My wife and I are expecting of first child. It has not been a particularly easy pregnancy for my wife. She eventually was placed on bed rest at the beginning of her seventh month. She gave in to that order, but reluctantly, leaving work far earlier than she had planned. I hate to have to leaver her at home with nothing but a cranked HVAC and her books to get her through the day. Actually, my awesome boss has been letting me just come to the office to attend the necessary meetings before returning home to complete my work. This way I can be available to help my wife through much of the day and even get her out for some fresh air. She loves to go shopping at the grocery stor because that is the source of all her cravings. She also loves the store because the HVAC is always so very cool and comfortable. My wife, poor thing, is due in late August. We sure didn’t plan that at all well. Anyway, I’m taking her to the store today. As we’re pulling into the spot for the pregnant ladies, some guys cuts me off. This guy parks in the pregnant lade spot. All I remember was asking the guy to move his car and his profane mouth. The next thing I know, I have my hands on this punk stuffing him back into his car while screaming at him to move. Yikes.



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