A positive attitude goes a long way

If there is one thing that I have started to learn as I have gotten older and more experienced in life, it would be the importance of staying positive regardless of the situation.

I work as a certified HVAC repair tech for a living, and in this line of work I am almost always dealing with extremely grumpy homeowners who are already running on very thin patience.

Many years ago when I was a rookie HVAC repair tech I would always get extremely frustrated when it came to dealing with these types of homeowners. Most of the time I would end up trying to rush through the entire process and end up getting bad reviews. After many months of struggling with this, I was stopped while leaving work by one of the HVAC repair techs who had been working at the same place for over twenty years. He went on to explain to me that I was a great HVAC repair tech who was going to do great things at this company, but I wouldn’t reach my potential until I changed my attitude. He told me that instead of getting frustrated and angry while out on the job, stay positive and I will be amazed at how things change. Ever since I have applied the lessons that he taught me I have seen tremendous relationship growth with the customers that I work with and I finally started to enjoy my job. I am forever thankful to that veteran HVAC repair tech for teaching me those important lessons, and I am going to make sure to teach those who come after me the same things!

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