There’s a new furnace in this house, and I couldn’t be more thankful!

You know, I’ve had to live through some unbearable situations in my lifetime.

  • I’ve had to deal with my boss constantly making my life miserable, simply because he knew I had nowhere else to go.

I’ve had to go weeks at a time without power in my neighborhood, after severe weather tore apart the power lines. Of all the situations I’ve been in though, I think the worst was when I went without a heating system for an entire winter. It was just last year, actually, and I was hurting for money. I also happened to be dealt a harsh hand of cards, as my old electric furnace had broken down. With winter fast approaching, the only way I had to heat up my home was using my fireplace. The problem was, my fireplace couldn’t run through the night since it used wood to burn. Even if my fireplace could run through the night, it would be a huge safety hazard! So, I had to keep a fire going for as long as I could, then try to use that residual warmth to stay comfortable. As you might imagine, it was a terribly chilling winter to get through. More than one occasion had come to pass, in which I had to deal with the pipes in my house nearly bursting. I would’ve had to live on the streets at that point! I’m just thankful that I’ve since climbed my way out of that financial situation, and now I’m in a position to be able to afford a new furnace. This new furnace uses gas as a fuel, too – so it makes the house even warmer than before.


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