Finding the source of the funny smell from my A/C unit

When I first moved into this house, I noticed that the air quality was pretty poor.

I wasn’t sure what part of the house was to blame: the outdoor A/C unit was surrounded by foliage, so it was probably not getting enough air.

Inside the house, the ductwork seemed to be in dire need of a cleaning, as dust piles were showing up under each vent every day. The thermostat was also in poor condition, as it was off by several degrees and didn’t want to start up the air conditioning unit when prompted. It was hard to say where I should begin, but I knew it needed to end with much better air quality! So, I first had the ductwork cleaning scheduled. After it was performed, the ductwork cleaning allowed the house to pass much less dust around. However, the smell and poor air quality was still there! Next, I figured I should replace the thermostat. A new temperature control should allow the A/C unit to be much more responsive, right? Well, that didn’t fix the issue either – though it did allow me to gauge the temperature in the house more effectively! Finally, I did what must be done, and cleared out all the grass and other plants that were choking off the A/C unit. With that being done, the air quality was noticeably better in my home! It would seem that the funny smell was just the air conditioning unit itself, overworking itself and burning out the blower motor. I was glad to fix the problem when I did!

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