There’s a new HVAC company in town, and I’m loving their service

My my, how the times have changed.

For years, this small town only had one provider for heating, ventilation and air conditioning services. Since there was only this single company that provided HVAC maintenance for the residents here, the company jacked their prices up and made use of their monopoly on the HVAC market! Talk about being unethical, right? Well, the great thing about this story is that what goes around, comes around. See, last month, a new start-up company opened in the city that was dedicated to helping with home renovations and other general contractor work. Among the skills and services offered by this company is heating, ventilation and air conditioning repair work! This was perfect news for the many citizens here, who had grown sick and tired of dealing with a company overcharging for conventional HVAC service visits. With two providers in the city that were offering heating and A/C maintenance, the prices of both companies started to drop. The competition for business grew, which actually helped both companies to thrive in one way or another! The original HVAC service company improved their reputation by fixing heating systems and air conditioning units at a fair price. Meanwhile, the new general contractor that offered heating and A/C repairs was able to pick up new business. Everyone won, but no one won more than the customers!

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