Can you imagine growing up without air conditioning?

My husband had a pretty rough childhood, based on what he’s told me. When we first started dating, we would talk about our families and how they affected us growing up. At first, many of his stories were funny, though they sounded a little dysfunctional. These days, every story he tells me just brings clarity to how he acts the way he acts. I can’t imagine going through some of the things his parents exposed him to! One of the worst stories he told me was about trying to get through the summer weather. We both grew up in the deep south, so summer weather was never bearable here unless you had access to air conditioning at all times. If the air quality in your home was poor, you were staying at a friend’s house or with family members that had better A/C systems! My husband lived in a house with his three siblings, as well as his parents, but they had a truly sickening way of disciplining the children. Whenever my husband’s siblings acted out of line, his parents would use a special type of thermostat known as a zone control thermostat to cut off airflow to their rooms. The rest of the house, and the parent’s bedroom, would still get plenty of air conditioning from the A/C unit. However, he’d have to sweat into his bed sheets every night! On multiple occasions, my poor husband said he fell asleep just because of heat exhaustion. What kind of psychopath does that to their own children as punishment?


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