I’ve had it with this terrible air quality!

My god, this weather has been absolutely terrible since the summer began.

I thought the summers down here in the south were already pretty bad, but this one has definitely set the bar for being awful! What vexes me the most about this season isn’t the heat or the humidity. It’s the terrible air quality from all the airborne pollutants! Pollen, dust, pet dander, and everything in between seems to be finding its way into my home. I can’t take it much longer! If I can’t find some way to get away from this poor air quality, I might just have a total breakdown over it. I know that there’s ways to improve the indoor air quality here, such as replacing the air filters more often or installing an air purifier. However, before I do any of that, I think I’ll need to pay for an HVAC service technician to come in here and clean out the ductwork. I’ve heard that a ductwork cleaning is the best way to fix poor air quality in a home, as much of the air quality is based on what’s floating in the ductwork of the house. So, I’m thinking that I’ll need to make sure that’s taken care of first. Once I know the ducts in this house are clear of any irritants that will make my nose run and my eyes water, then I’ll move on to getting a new air filter and an air purifier! Until then, I guess I’ll just have to suffer through.

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