It’s definitely time for a visit from the HVAC repair guy!

My doting husband is a compassionate, caring man.

However, he’s definitely not the most mechanically adept person on this planet. In fact, I’d be hard-pressed to find someone who is worse at handling even the most routine of repairs. I once watched him spend two hours in the blazing hot southern sun, just to try and change his own oil. That ended with him having to bring the car to a mechanic anyway, just to finish the job! It was a harsh lesson for him, but an important one: pick your battles, especially when it comes to repairs around the house. Just recently, he had to re-learn that lesson when our home’s heating and air conditioning system had a sudden breakdown. At first, I figured it was just an issue with our thermostat. It’s a newer digital thermostat, and it seemed like the batteries in the thermostat were just in need of replacement. Well, my wonderful husband took it upon himself to go outside with his toolbox, and see what he could do to fix up the A/C unit outside! Before I could go find him and stop him, he wound up doing just as I feared and broke the air conditioning system even more. This of course resulted in us having to call an HVAC repair technician to visit the house, and finish the job that my husband started. I can only hope that the big repair bill my husband and I got from this HVAC service visit will remind him about that lesson I mentioned earlier!


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