It’s important to have a plan – even if that plan could change everything!

When my wife and I moved into our second home, we were doing so to escape some serious issues with our first home.

We spent a fortune on upgrades around that house, ranging from new hardwood floors to a total repaint of the interior.

We even redid the roof! Despite all the money we spent to get that house ready for the market, many potential home buyers looked right past our house. Why? Simple – the smell. The smell in the house was terrible! You’d think something died in the heating and A/C ductwork of the house, with how putrid the odor is. For that reason, we had to enlist in the aid of a heating and air conditioning repair technician. We figured that if the issue is with the indoor air quality, then surely the issue will be fixed! Well, the issue wasn’t as simple as we thought. Apparently, there was quite a bit of wear and tear on the outdoor A/C unit. That, combined with the ductwork in the house being decades old and riddled with holes, meant that we had to pay big bucks to get both components replaced! That’s a pretty expensive repair, if you weren’t aware. With that being said, the HVAC service technician’s company was willing to work with us on pricing and a financing plan to pay off the repairs. It was worth it in the end – after all, we wouldn’t be in our second house if the first one was never sold!


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