Having a hard time keeping cool with this heat wave

What is it about the summer weather that always brings out the worst qualities about the sun? The rest of the year, that big star overhead is something that lights our days, powers our homes (if we have solar panels), and helps our plants grow. However, for the few summer months, the sun is a final source of all sunburns, heat and humidity! This past summer alone, I’ve endured heatstroke on two separate occasions. That’s ridiculous! As if that wasn’t bad enough, I also have to deal with my home’s heating and A/C system being on the fritz. It all began in May of this year, when my air conditioning unit outside was damaged by a heavy storm. When the rain came down, the A/C unit must’ve been flooded somehow, so it was pretty damaged. In turn, the air conditioning in my home has never been the same. Now the air quality is always poor, and it always seems to be this super-hot and uncomfortable place to sit or sleep. Thankfully, the end is in sight – my scheduled appointment with my heating, ventilation and air conditioning repair technician is next week! Once that visit comes, I know the certified HVAC technician will be able to help me through and figure out what’s plaguing my air conditioning system and causing these issues to persist. Who knows – maybe while he’s here, the HVAC repair technician will be able to help me put together a plan for improved air conditioning during the summer!

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