My new air conditioning system is way better than anything I’ve had in the past

Let me tell you a little story.

It begins with me, burning off the last ounce of patience I had in my tank.

The cause of this was none other than my home’s air conditioning system, which seemed to work for the last time that day. I was already dealing with terrible air quality for days, if not weeks, but having no air conditioning at all was just unacceptable! I couldn’t tolerate that kind of condition in my home. I knew that getting a new central A/C unit was out of the question, as I just didn’t have that kind of money laying around. Over time though, I came to find out that I didn’t need to have all that money at once! See, I worked with one of those local heating, ventilation and air conditioning service companies. They worked with me on pricing, and we were able to negotiate an installment plan to pay for the new A/C unit for my home. How awesome is that! To make things even better, the air quality from this new A/C unit was supposed to trump what I’ve come to expect from my old air conditioner. As amazing as that sounded, I couldn’t wait to get the new air conditioning unit installed at my home! Once it was put into place, I felt like I should get a new thermostat to compliment the new system. Ever since I made the transition to this new air conditioner, my home’s never been cooler – and the air quality has never been better!

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