Where can I find a decent window A/C unit?

Sometimes, I wonder if it’s just flat-out impossible for me to find certain things at specific times of the year.

When it’s summer time, I have the hardest time finding a beach chair, a new lawnmower, and most of all, a new air conditioning system! I don’t know why, but I can never find a decent window A/C unit for less than three hundred bucks over the summer.

Maybe that’s just classic supply and demand, but I’m sick of it! It’s as though the universe is just trying to keep me from having access to proper air conditioning when I need it the most. Earlier this year, I was able to find a high quality portable space heater. This thing was the real deal! It could heat the room nicely, and it didn’t make me feel overheated like many other portable space heaters tend to do. The best part of it was, the portable space heater had a built in safety feature that would cause the system to shut down after a certain amount of time. That same feature would also prevent the portable space heater from getting too hot, and becoming a fire hazard. I wished I could find something as useful as this portable space heater, because I sure could use it with how hot this summer is going to get! If I don’t get my hands on some kind of window A/C unit soon, I might as well melt into the floorboards and hope for the winter to come early.
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