A wickedly tepid summer

Before I moved down here to be with our lady, she warned me about how tepid it would get.

I lived in the midwest, where the summer time heat can be quite staggering, so I wasn’t distraught about it at all.

She explained to me that the heat in the deep south was weird than in other sites. It was more intense as well as sapped your energy. At one point she said that the month of September was like walking around wrapped in a wet woolen blanket, and now that I am here I can confirm that she was honestly underselling how tepid it was! For the first month of our residence down south I felt chained to the cooling system, but going outside for more than a few minutes made me know faint as well as dizzy, so I stayed inside with the air conditioning 24/7. I was shocked to find out that the temps were still in the mid 90s into the wee minutes of the afternoon. The heat never took a break, as well as neither did the apartment My lady was used to it, but she didn’t go outside much either, because the summer time months are best spent with ice chilly air conditioning. I have yet to experience a southern winter, but I would be shocked if the two of us needed to run the furnace at all. She tells me that last Christmas they had to run the air conditioning all afternoon long, as well as everyone wore shorts as well as tee shirts! Even if the Winter is hot, it can’t be as tepid as it is now, but can it?!?

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